Want to learn to read Tarot from scratch? This online beginners course will take you from opening your first deck of Tarot cards through to reading small spreads comfortably.  In addition to reading for others, the course will explore how you can read for yourself to enrich your own personal growth. 

Over 6 sessions of 2 hours,held on Zoom , we will cover : 

*Choosing and connecting with your Tarot deck
* The Major Arcana 

* The Minor Arcana 
* The Royal Court 
* Basic Tarot Astrology
Basic Tarot Numerology 
* The use of Colour in the Cards 
* Simple Spreads -
* Reading Practice -

You will in addition have homework after each session, access to a students resource group and ongoing mentoring support. At the end of the course you will take a short quiz ,complete a reading for assessment and receive a certificate of completion. 

The cost of the course is £65 with installments available. The next class will begin on Wednesday 5th August 2020 at 7pm UK . 
To register, fill in this form and I will be in contact to enrol you. 


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