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Free week ahead reading 12-19th April

April 13, 2017

I'm a day late this week guys, so sorry! We've been having some warm weather here in the UK and a high pollen count. My asthma wasn't very happy about this and gave me a few days of trouble. I'm back now though and the lungs are on orders to behave! 


Anywho, this week as you may know I'm loving the Soulful Woman guidance cards . I asked the deck for a card to focus on for the next few days.  




"Anger is a prelude to courage" - Eric Hoffer


I drew 'Anger as My Sacred Ally'. The short affirmation on this card reads'I listen to the messages within my anger and use it as positive force for good'. For this card to come up for the next sevens days' 'theme' or message to carry with you, makes me think we're going to be seeing some anger crop up and some challenging energy or situations is likely. This makes sense with Mercury and Venus both in retrograde and throwing us a little off course.

This card asks us to embrace our anger as a helpful friend, a gift, rather than a purely negative emotion to be repressed. We can allow it burn away what no longer serves us and open blocks to healing when we learn from it instead. 


Before you choose your card from the 3 below, stop for a moment and think about where you might need to use this cards message this week and generally in your life at the moment. 



Before you scroll down for the reveal, have you popped over to my Facebook page lately? I'm running a little contest at the moment that you may have missed if not. It's for a free $25 Amazon voucher to go towards that next deck or book. The prize draw will take place on May 1st. 


This weeks cards are from the Thelema Tarot by Renata Lechner.