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A birthday reading

April 25, 2017


I'm being a little self indulgent today as it is my birthday and sharing a personal birthday reading with you. It's not every day you turn 40 after all! I posted some thoughts on this milestone recently and how I plan to use the energy of my year card which is Judgement. Today is actually D Day though!


'Judgement' is already making itself felt in my life this year with an almost domino effect of things falling into place and giving me a great big shove towards my soul purpose. I'm happier than I've been in a long time and have lots of plans I'm excited about for this year. 


For this reading I'm using a Happy Birthday spread by Lisa Frideborg. The spread looks at what challenges and blessings are coming our way as well as how to be (a) present to others. We don't always value ourselves and our gifts and I'm certainly as guilty of that as the next person. 


As my personal reads can get a little deep, I'm going to try to keep it a bit more light hearted with a charming little deck called the Wizards Pets by Pamela Steele. 



1. How to be (a) present to everyone around you this year - 5 of Pentacles

2. A challenge to tackle. - Queen of Wands 

3. A blessing bestowed. -  Knight of Wands 

4. A passing influence – The Sun 

5. What’s coming into your life. – The Star

6. Do less of this in the year ahead - The Tower 

7. Do more of this to be truly happy this year - Temperance. 


Well! So much for keeping it light! The first thing I noticed here, well second after those 4 big hitting majors, was the sheer amount of Fire energy here. There is going to be a lot of movement and action for me it seems. Who's got the matches because it looks as though the Universe is about to light a fire under my arse! 


For how to be a present to everyone around me this year I got the 5 of Pentacles. I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. Yes I have challenges, particularly in my health but who doesn't? I have the tendency though to let these things define me. Also I will be better able to help others the more I help myself. Know my limits and push them! 


A challenge to tackle had to be the Queen of Wands! I aspire to the confidence and self assured ambition of this lady among other characteristics of hers. It makes sense that my confidence and oomph would be the challenge for me here so she comes as no surprise. 


A blessing bestowed by the Knight of Wands is that aforementioned oomph! It's been a while since my get up and go got up and went , but here's the Knight bringing sexy back as he does best! I'm looking forward to a fresh boost of energy and enthusiasm. 


The Sun as a passing influence may not look too great at first .. passing joy? But look at the smug look on the face of that Sun. I get the feeling of having been over shadowed by others egos, and of having allowed myself to be so. I am free to be myself now and express my own light.