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Charming the Charioteer.

July 8, 2017



This post is part of the International Tarot Day 2017 Blog Hop organised by Nyms Divinaton. I hope you enjoyed Diana Chin at Red Lotus Designz talking on The Lovers card. If you've not read it yet, hop on over!   

Sandra x 


I've never taken part in a Blog Hop before. The idea of 78 bloggers each writing about a different card in their own unique style and voice intrigued me though and I signed up straight away. Then one morning, the fateful email arrived. The card allocation list! It was the moment of truth.


Which card had I been given to write on? I scanned the list and found my name. My heart sank. Oh. The Chariot. It had to be. The Chariot and I have never really got along. I've never quite grasped it fully, nor felt any desire to. It's a card I just don't like very much. I even ended up leaving this post rather late in my Charioty avoidance! 


It also happens to be both my Soul Card and Personality Card for this lifetime, the same goes for my husband. It likes to pop up quite regularly in my life. I think its pretty clear my aversion to the card and avoidance of study of it is because it has something important to teach me. Something my subconscious isn't overly keen on being taught perhaps. Having been a somewhat spoiled eldest child there's not a lot I do enjoy being taught mind. 


I decided it was time to try to get to the bottom of my feelings of indifference and coldness towards the Chariot or at least improve my relationship with the card. It was time for a word with my inner charioteer about what she wants to teach me and how we can move forward together. 


With this in mind I made a little spread which I will share here along with my reading from it. 




I drew the Chariot card from my deck and focused on it while I shuffled.