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Ethics? What ethics?

January 22, 2018




Tarot and psychic reading is a serious profession. People consult with readers for guidance in some of their most vulnerable moments. They trust us to support them through their pain, confusion, hopes and even loss. They confide in us things that they feel they can share with no other. It is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. In return for this trust, we owe it to our clients to have good ethical standards.


 More and more I see a trend of 'readers', Tarot and other modalities both, that don't seem to have any regard for ethics and client care whatsoever in their practices. Facebook groups abound where anyone and everyone can pass themselves off as a reader, often for free. This is really worrying to see. With these online communities flooded with people who are giving less than appropriate advice to put it mildly, it can in the worst cases, be dangerous. 


One argument I sometimes hear for a lack of consideration of ethics in spiritual practice is 'I'm not a professional' or 'It's just for fun'. It does not matter a rats fart! You still have the same duty of care to the person you are reading for, whether you've charged £50, nothing at all, or 50p and a packet of biscuits! You are responsible for the advice you give. 


So what makes an ethical reader? What sort of thing should you be giving thought to before you hang your shingle and begin offering to read for other people, even in spiritual social media groups? Why does it even matter? 


The first thing I would suggest doing is to sit down and spend some time reflecting on 'why' you want to read for others. What is it you want to contribute to their lives and journeys? Are y